Niagara Falls

One of the 7 wonders of the world is Niagara Falls. I am one of many to say that I have been to this great place. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get to visit when I was on my way to a baseball tournament in Cooperstown, New York. We decided to stop by a take a look at the “wonder”. What I saw there is something I will never forget. Never before have I seen so much water with such great power coming down. I also heard from my dad that a teacher once went across the falls in a barrel. Are you kidding me!!!! That takes a lot of guts to do. I also found out that she was later arrested right after. My experience with Niagara Falls was a little less dramatic than the one with the teacher but it was still great. I was with my dad and my teammate at the Falls and all in all it was a great time. Just looking at the falls made me realize that wow God made this happen. It just shows that he has the ability to make human beings stand in aw and watch what he has created. We also went down on the deck where some water was even crushing down on. The deck they said was a very strong deck that had very unique and strong wood. Makes sense since such great power of water would be coming down on the deck every day. What I got from the trip was truly special even though we didn’t stay for too long. I got out that God can do way more than anyone/anything in the world and it’s great to see what he has done.

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Quote of the Day

Coach John

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

– Robert F. Kennedy

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Taking a look at some Posts

The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger by A Morning Grouch: I just recently read a post that with the title The Five Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger. In this post the author of course posted 5 annoying little or big things that he has encountered through his experience of WordPress. Now little things don’t normally piss me off but he did make some valid points. He pointed out if someone was really interested in your blog that they would take the time and read it. God You’re Such A Freak by Gwen: I also read this lovely post by Gwen. This post described a day that she was literally “bullied” by supposedly her “best friend”. She eventually came to the realization that she didn’t care what her friend had to say about her. Her friend was making fun of her for getting good grades and she came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what she says she is just going to do her.

A Morning Grouch

So, I’m no blogging genius.  When I first started blogging I had zero idea of the etiquette, cultish followings, or blogging cliques that existed.  I pretty much started this as a procrastination tool.  I’m still half-assed and hardly an expert; I have been dragging my feet even getting my self-hosted site up and running (does that even make sense?) because I have almost zero clue where to start (but dammit, I will learn, eventually.  I will).  But even with all that, I am starting to get some idea of what the blogging world is all about.

There are some phrases non-bloggers may or may not realize are not a good idea to say to someone who blogs:

1.  I read your blog. With no follow-up.  Oh. Thank you? You read it. But you didn’t say what it was exactly that you read. Or if you liked it. Or hated it. Or if it…

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Zoo Animals

Even though most of the animals we see at our local zoo arent from America its still really cool to observe these animals in their “habitats.” I say “habitats” because really these animals arent in their natural habitats. I mean put yourself in their postions. Would you want to just roam around a spot that looks like you house and have people look at you all day? I dont think so. The bottom line is these animals arent put in the greatest postion to live their life. But I also believe that having a zoo is great. My answer to this problem is that we should have animals rotate with other animals in the zoo. It would let the animals feel like they arent forced to live within a small little area. I have always been a supporter of animals and this is my solution. Keep it chill.


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Top Ten Movies

I thought it was about time for my first Top Ten List and why not do it about movies. I mean think about it you spend a lot of time infront of a televison . In fact you take what you see from the movies you watch and put it into your everyday life. For example if you were to hear a joke from a movie you might use it on a friend to pull a funny. Now enough of that lets now get to the list.

Number 10: The Great Gatsby

Leonardo Dicaprio makes this movie great. He plays his part better than anyone else. This movie is about a rich man who lost the love of his life and is trying to get her back by his use of money. This movie takes a huge turn at the end and thats why it makes the Top Ten.

Number 9: Toy Story 3

Third times a charm. Not saying that I didnt like the first two Pixar made, I’m just saying number 3 was the best. Characters like Woody and Buzz are characters that teach leadership and heart. They fought for their lives the whole movie and came up on top.

Number 8: Monsters University

Pixar makes another appearance on the list this time with monsters. I felt like this one of the two monster movies this one was better. It showed a different side Mike and Sully that I really liked. It is an underdog movie with Sully and Mike helping each other to be the best monster they can be.

Number 7: The Town

Ben Affleck is one of my favorite actors. I mean this guy is a straight beast. He leads his Boston crew into some serious bank robberies. Him and his crew runs into a mess late but dont ever doubt Affleck.

Number 6: Daredevil

Can someone say Ben Affleck. I told you that I’m a fan. Ben plays as a blind superhero. Yes a BLIND superhero! The Daredevil as a kid could see but in a freak accident when he was about 12 made him go blind. From there the Daredevil learned and trained himself to see with his hearing. This movie has a great plot line as well as a great lesson.

Number 5: A Bugs Life

Blast from the past! This movie was my favorite movie when I was young kid. This movie has one of the best lessons you can possible learn in teamwork and never giving up.

Number 4: Moneyball

Brad Pitt stars in this baseball/business movie. Billy Bean (Brad Pitt) shows that the Oakland A’s might not be the richest team in the MLB but have the most heart.

Number 3: The Truman Show

Jim Carrey stars in the show within a movie, well I think… I had to watch this movie twice just to wrap my brain around what was actually going on. Jim Carrey finds out that he is not living a normal life and is determined to find what is up.

Number 2: Drive

This movie is a very chill movie and you know when I say chill it’s a very good thing. Ryan Gosling stars in this West Coast movie. Ryan has a gift with cars and finds himself in very deep trouble by getting mixed up with the wrong people.

Number 1: The Natural

Hands down this number 1. The music in this movie is great, as well as the acting, plot, and all around aspects. A boy saw his dad die in front of him due to a lightning strike that hit a tree and at the same time giving his dad a heart attack. The boy used the wood from the tree to make a baseball bat which he called the ThunderStick. He uses it for the 1st time when he finally made it to the MLB at a very old age. He finds old childhood memories while playing. The last scene is no doubt the best scene to ever be shown in a movie. But thats for you to watch!

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Dancing Wasabi

Just the other night I happened to be in Hyde Park, Ohio. Hyde Park is just north of downtown Cincinnati and is located no more than 2 or 3 miles away from Xavier University. Well at about 2 o’clock in the morning my friends decided it was a great idea to go to this place called Dancing Wasabi. I had no idea what Dancing Wasabi was. In fact I though it was a dancing “club” like place. Well I soon found out that Dancing Wasabi was a restaurant and their big “dish” was sushi. I have had sushi like twice in my life and to be honest with you I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. Little did I know that you can order fried sushi at this restaurant. So I have to say that fried sushi is probably top five meals I’ve ever had in my life. The fried sushi that I had took my taste buds for a ride. It had a crisp, crunchy, and spicy taste and feel to it. I don’t think that I have ever had those combinations in a bite in my whole life. Also on the side of the fried sushi there was fried pickles that we could eat as well. The fried pickles I had to say wasn’t as good as the fried sushi. However the fried pickles were still very good. I must say even though I didn’t like sushi the two times I tried before that night it’s still great to try new things. You might like it or you might hate it but you will never know it if you don’t try it.


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In case you don’t know people, animals, and pretty much anything that is in the world can stink. Just the other day I got just got home from working out and the second I walked into my room I stunk up the whole joint. Seriously my room in a matter of seconds was smelling worse than big foots breath. I went searching throught my house just looking for something to get the smell away. I found an axe can that I thought was going to help but it didn’t really at all. Then I found a can of Febreeze. Well, in case you don’t know just like I did there is this great new product called Febreeze. Yes this product called Febreeze is the REAL Deal. Just three sprays of Febreeze and the odor just disappears. Febreeze also works for other disgusting smells like dead animals and bad bathroom smells. Febreeze has had my back since day 1 and that’s why I love using it. The active ingredient in Febreze is hydroxypropyl. Hydroxpropyl helps eliminate the odors by binding hydrocarbons creating the wonderful scent. Also the thing with Febreeze is that it is completely harmless. In fact you can spray it in your eye and it would not harm. Though I am not asking you to spray this product in your eye I’m just telling you that it isn’t harmful. There are products in this world that you can’t live without like toothpaste, shampoo, and television. Febreeze is one of those products you can’t live without and that’s what makes it so chill.

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